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Imagine yourself arriving in a foreign culture and environment and within 48 hours, feeling at home! Our US Homestay Programs will accomplish this every time. We started our business after hearing horror stories from many foreign students. We know you’ve heard them from your friends. We’re a different kind of Educational Consulting Homestay firm. We treat each student like family and go out of our way to make each experience support our students. Flexibility and excellence are important to us and our students say these things are important to them too.

We think you’ll be pleased with our Unique Housing, Cultural and Education Programs. You can enter a US Homestay Programs situation with the knowledge that you want to transition to private housing as soon as possible. Or, you can be in a US Homestay program that closely fits your needs, including meal options, for as long as you wish. You can also come directly into an apartment which we arrange for you. You can have a roommate or not. The options are yours!

We have staff members that speak your language. In our US homestay programs, we help you find the right living situation, provide unique services to supplement your English as a Second Language course, connect with friends, share meals and go on trips with other foriegn students and Americans.

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US Homestay Programs for International Students

  • homestay Arizona and homestay Texas offer the chance to speak English like a native,
  • community of international students and English speaking mentors,
  • social Activities planned by students at a comfortable American home stay,
  • transition from homestay to apartment,
  • flexible meal options,
  • cultural Information,
  • counseling on educational professional choices (major),
  • individual tutoring
  • welcome you,
  • inspire you,
  • learn from you,
  • share a desire to create a world community,
  • provide support necessary to be success beyond your dreams,
  • have fun with you,
  • provide cooking lessons for our Homestay families to prepare a few native country  dishes for their students,
  • cultural training and orientation, and provide safety information,
  • free valuable  information on our website for students and families,
  • translations where practicable.

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