Homestay Family Application

Please fill in thoroughly as appropriate.
  • Meals
    As a homestay family, you will provide groceries for breakfast and dinner and weekend lunches. Students are always responsible for their own lunch while at school. They will always prepare their own breakfast. For dinner, you may choose one of the following options and your fees will be based accordingly. It is important for the Homestay experience that the student and family have dinner together whenever possible. Also, be aware that many students do not know how to cook so you will lower your chances of being selected if you specify "student cooks their own dinner". However, some students do love to cook, so please state your preference.
  • Agreements - please read carefully
    I understand that once a student moves into my home, I will within 24 hours submit the fee listed in the schedule every four weeks for as long as the student resides in my home. I will report to the company when my student is leaving my home. I will give 30 days notice to USA before my student(s) moves out. I will report any problems between myself and my students and I will call my USA representative if any issues arise. My USA representative will inquire as to the student's settling in and be available to help if needed. Student and family will be invited to all social events sponsored by USA. I also understand that my home is subject to inspection prior to the student being referred and at any time during the stay with proper notice from USA. By submitting this form I am certifying that all information disclosed by me is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and further that I have reviewed the document "Homestay Family Guidelines" and agree to these and the guidelines stated in this application, and will adhere to them.