Life With A Home Stay Family in Tucson Arizona

By: Jieru from China

My plan was to go to Tucson, Arizona to the Center for English As a Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona, move into a home stay family for a month or two and then get my apartment.

life with a home stay family in tucson arizona - university success abroad

I ended up living with my home stay family for 4 ½ years, changing my major and getting a Master’s degree. It really was like a family, an American family, for me. At one point I moved to an apartment with a friend but I came back to my home stay family in three months. It was just so convenient and I got so much love and support there.

Arizona home stay is nice because the weather is beautiful – we went swimming twice a week all winter.

My friends said I was lucky to have such a great home stay but U Success Abroad has very good families and most of them stay a long time. I met most of the students staying in this home stay abroad program and they all were very comfortable and enjoyed their home stay.

When I arrived from China my hope was to increase my confidence.

With the help of my home stay family and the students I met in my home stay abroad program, I became the confident person I dreamed of. My home stay mother will visit me and my family in China next year and I hope in the future when I marry and when I have my first child. I know I will never forget this experience or the wonderful family and friends I made there. Home stay was a very good experience for me and AZ home stay is the best!

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