Our Services

At USuccessAbroad, we offer a line of services to students from countries abroad. Having our services working for you will ensure that your educational pursuits in the US are successful, as well as giving your family the confidence that their loved one is in good hands with an “anchor” in the US seeing to it that accommodations are compatible with student needs, safe, and convenient. Plus, USuccessAbroad’s staff are constantly monitoring the case during the semester, supporting the student through challenges that arise, and helping them have a meaningful and rewarding experience. We realize your eduction is near the top of list of important life undertakings and we therefore deliver the highest quality services at fair prices. The following is a basic list of our services, however, keep in mind that we are flexible and can tailor services around individual needs:

  • Homestay – student lives with a US family while attending school. See more info here.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!