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Welcome Students! If you are a homestay student, this is your area for resources pertinent to you. We’ll also post links to blogs and other goodies for you here as well. Useful student links such as applications, Q&A, and other documents are posted below.

Homestay Students

Homestay Student Application

Homestay Basics for Students

Homestay House Rules

Homestay Student – I Promise To!

Homestay Student Q&A

What to Bring

Things To Do When You Arrive

As an international student attending college in the US, we want you to feel welcome. USuccessAbroad has created our services just for you. USA prides itself on excellent products to you, the student, meeting the challenges of not only attending college, but attending college in a foreign country. It is our hope that our students remember that they are not alone in this new venture in a strange land – we are here, as well as your peers are here, and we will band together to make your international student experience the very best it can be.

Please use this portal as your central location for all the USA resources you need. This page, the public area, has the application you filled out when you began your relationship with us. By logging in, you will find content only available to account holders, like you. We will be adding to this area constantly, and we’ll notify all students by email when we do so you can check out the most recent offerings. We will also be posting in our blog section articles from our staff, our host families, and most importantly you, our students. These articles will be written in native language, so student peers can better relate to the topics. This is all very exciting! Please contact us if you are interested in writing an article, or better yet, use your USA website student login account to write it and post it yourself!

Have a general question? Contact us.