Homestay With Us!

  1. Why Homestay?Free Airport Pick-up
  2. No Deposit
  3. Your room is ready when you arrive
  4. Your family is there to help you (Including any family pets!)

Homestay provides you with an English speaking family or advocate that can help you be more successful.  Below are some more reasons why homestay with us is a great idea:

5. You’ll get a jump start on improving your language skills and understanding the culture which is so different from your own.

6.  It is Safe!

7. US Homestay is Economical!

8. The US is a complicated country with diverse climates, laws, cultures and behaviors.  A US Homestay family helps you figure things out quickly.  This leaves you more time to do well with your studies.

9.  Foreign students going to school in the US can help you some but is not way they have the insider information you will learn from a US homestay family.

10.  Most of our homestay families are University graduates and they can help you understand the University system (See 10 biggest Myths about Studying Abroad)

It lets you get used to being here and settle into school before you have to handle all the hundreds of details of setting up a living space.

International students who plan to stay in an apartment benefit from Homestay, whether you stay a few months or six months.  In our US Homestay Programs,  you stay in Homestay at least 4 weeks.   You’ll choose better housing because you’ll know the area and with our Homestay to Apartment option, we’ll help you find an apartment and even help you find a roomate. 

These are a few reasons why homestay with us is a great idea. We have designed a  full service US Homestay program to make your transition pleasant and minimize stress – our business in helping you succeed in your studies abroad and we have the track record to prove it!  If you began your University studies here in our program, you will have every opportunity to love being in the US.  You will make friends from around the world as well as your home country.  Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in USAbroad Homestay programs! The next step is to fill out an application here.

Homestay Student Application
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