Are Homestay students more successful?

Are homestay students more successful? No scientific study is available and certainly homestay families vary as do the students who stay there.  Here are a few of the education results from some of our homestay students:

A Chinese woman chosen most likely to succeed at the University by her English As A Second Language Program. This same girl is graduating in material engineering this spring and has been accepted to three American Universities for graduate studies

A Kuwait man finished his English as a Second Language program and was accepted to two major universities for undergraduate work

A Saudi young adult took his grades from C average to A with the help of English tutoring from his homestay family

Mexican student scored 93 on her Tofel exam

There are many other success stories.  One thing all of these students have in common is the desire to succeed as well as the willingness to accept mentoring from their homestay family as well as a family who stands behind them!

The flipside of the story are the kids that get into an apartment before they are mature enough to handle it, don’t know the culture and don’t have any native speakers to support them in their English studies as well as help them with the bewildering culture.   They usually have tremendous problems with the language, quite a bit of distaste for the culture and in general, a negative experience.  Is this always true?  Of course not!  However, it is truly sad to see a young adult fail to reach their objectives simply because they did not have enough support.

The real key is a company that will not place the student until a good homestay has been secured.  All homestays are not equal.  It is important that the homestay family be evaluated carefully and interests matched.  A company that finds a few excellent homestays is preferable to one that places anybody, anywhere.  Ask questions, be informed and be successful!!!

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