An Iranian Falls In Love with America and a Puppy

By: Elmira, Iran

I was interested in living with a homestay family in Tucson Arizona while attending a master’s program at the University of Arizona.

An Iranian Falls In Love with America and a Puppy - puppy - University success abroad

Actually, I first needed to study at the Center for English As A Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona before passing my Toefl exam. I contacted two homestay abroad programs and really liked U Success Abroad. What I didn’t like, at first, was that my homestay family had a dog. I was told that but being from Iran, the idea of dogs in the house was unappealing, still I met the homestay family and the dog and decided to give it a try. [Read more…]

Life With A Home Stay Family in Tucson Arizona

By: Jieru from China

My plan was to go to Tucson, Arizona to the Center for English As a Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona, move into a home stay family for a month or two and then get my apartment.

life with a home stay family in tucson arizona - university success abroad

I ended up living with my home stay family for 4 ½ years, changing my major and getting a Master’s degree. It really was like a family, an American family, for me. At one point I moved to an apartment with a friend but I came back to my home stay family in three months. It was just so convenient and I got so much love and support there. [Read more…]

Homestay Abroad Programs

The next important thing for an international student to think about after choosing a great University is to think about where they will live.

homestay abroad programs - homestay family - university success abroad

Homestay Abroad Programs exist in most cities in the United States and one of the best in in Tucson Arizona. We at Usuccessabroad (homestay Az), keep our number of homestay opportunities small because we are very selective about the homestay family where we place our students. Before choosing a homestay family, you must first choose a homestay abroad program and our satisfied students stay in homestay from one year to seven years! They become part of their homestay family and our homestay abroad program [Read more…]

Education and Homestay in America

What Did the American doctor say to the International Education and Homestay Student?

Education and homestay international students who come to the United States in search of a good education and cultural experiences have some humorous and sometimes frightening experiences along the way.  Take the homestay student from Saudi Arabia who hurt his shoulder playing soccer.  His homestay family took him to the doctor and the doctor wanted to do a test – an MRI – .  The Saudi student was told a dye would be inserted in his shoulder and then the doctor would take a picture.  The Saudi student looked fearfully at the homestay parent and the parent quickly realized there was a misunderstanding.  While explaining what the doctor said, it became evident that the student thought the doctor said the student would DIE instead of, we will place DYE in your shoulder.

It’s A Dog’s World in American Education and Homestay!

An Iranian international student studying English at CESL at theUniversity of Arizona  was adamant that she did not want to live with dogs.  Yet, she liked the homestay family and the dogs were quite small so she decided to give it a try.  The family made sure the dog was ne ver in her room and she had full permission to tell the dogs to go away and not jump on her.  After two months, she takes the dogs for walks, feeds them and actually loves them!  She still doesn’t want them in her room and she doesn’t want them to sit on her but she learned that dogs can be respectful and she learned how loving and fun they are!  Welcome to America, the land of dogs!

If you get the right Homestay family, and we make sure you do, you can have an experience that makes you feel part of America and right at home in the University education system.  Let us get to know you today and find the right Education and Homestay for you!

A Rare Courage

If you grew up hearing that America was the land of the devils, and you lived in a country that is a sworn enemy of the United States,  would you set off to study there?  Each year a certain number of Iranians in their search for a good education, do just that, demonstrating a rare courage.  What is even more brave, is that they often live in Homestay with an American Family.

What kind of person is able to take such a risk?  Usually, they have a relative who has gone before and told them that devils are rare in the United States.  Also, large numbers of Iranians are quite fond of America and think favorably about the culture.  And don’t forget, Iran (Persia) is actually one of the oldest, most refined civilisations in the world.  The students who study in the U.S. from Iran come from very well educated families.  They are, in a word, elegant.  At least that is our experience here at USuccessAbroad.

Take for example, the student is Elmira.  She came to this country to study architecture.  She already had a bachelor’s degree and wanted to pursue a masters.  This young woman came to the U.S. to stay in a homestay with total strangers, in a strange city in a foriegn country and pursue an advanced degree with some English but very slow reading skills.  She now teaches as a graduate assistant, is an exceptional student, has applied for, and undoubetely will receive, an internship and has made an amazing adjustment to the culture.

She and her homestay mother are very close and expect to remain lifelong  friends.  She routinely does volunteer work in the community, travels with her homestay family and thouroughly enjoys her student experience in the United States.  When the news is full of reports of strife between Iran and the United States, how wonderful it is that one family at a time, perceptions can be changed!

Are Homestay students more successful?

Are homestay students more successful? No scientific study is available and certainly homestay families vary as do the students who stay there.  Here are a few of the education results from some of our homestay students:

A Chinese woman chosen most likely to succeed at the University by her English As A Second Language Program. This same girl is graduating in material engineering this spring and has been accepted to three American Universities for graduate studies

A Kuwait man finished his English as a Second Language program and was accepted to two major universities for undergraduate work

A Saudi young adult took his grades from C average to A with the help of English tutoring from his homestay family

Mexican student scored 93 on her Tofel exam

There are many other success stories.  One thing all of these students have in common is the desire to succeed as well as the willingness to accept mentoring from their homestay family as well as a family who stands behind them!

The flipside of the story are the kids that get into an apartment before they are mature enough to handle it, don’t know the culture and don’t have any native speakers to support them in their English studies as well as help them with the bewildering culture.   They usually have tremendous problems with the language, quite a bit of distaste for the culture and in general, a negative experience.  Is this always true?  Of course not!  However, it is truly sad to see a young adult fail to reach their objectives simply because they did not have enough support.

The real key is a company that will not place the student until a good homestay has been secured.  All homestays are not equal.  It is important that the homestay family be evaluated carefully and interests matched.  A company that finds a few excellent homestays is preferable to one that places anybody, anywhere.  Ask questions, be informed and be successful!!!

Tucson Homestay Students Thrilled With College Football!

USA Football Game

With so many activities available to USA college students, it’s hard to find the time to fit them all in around studies. But Tucson homestay students are thrilled with college football, and find the time to make it to a home game at the university stadium, and it rarely fails to be an exciting event.

Activities for Tucson Homestay Students

On Campus

Arizona football is one the favorite activities for Tucson homestay students. The Wildcats always excite the crowd at the stadium, and everyone has a good time from homestay students to diehard boosters who’ve been going for decades. USuccessAbroad encourages homestay students to take advantage of all that college life has to offer, with a few exceptions. From football, to collegiate men’s and women’s basketball, to tennis and cross country, college athletics is a great way to get involved with what’s going on around campus! But it doesn’t end there, U of A has an assortment of other on campus happenings. Your homestay family and college resources will help you become familiar with the fun things to do available.

Off Campus

Off campus activities are also popular with Tucson homestay students. A visit to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Old Tucson or Mount Lemmon are all within an hour of the university area. These are just a few of the local attractions that offer a Tucson “Old Pueblo” flair, and are very popular with tourists as well.