Education and Homestay in America

What Did the American doctor say to the International Education and Homestay Student?

Education and homestay international students who come to the United States in search of a good education and cultural experiences have some humorous and sometimes frightening experiences along the way.  Take the homestay student from Saudi Arabia who hurt his shoulder playing soccer.  His homestay family took him to the doctor and the doctor wanted to do a test – an MRI – .  The Saudi student was told a dye would be inserted in his shoulder and then the doctor would take a picture.  The Saudi student looked fearfully at the homestay parent and the parent quickly realized there was a misunderstanding.  While explaining what the doctor said, it became evident that the student thought the doctor said the student would DIE instead of, we will place DYE in your shoulder.

It’s A Dog’s World in American Education and Homestay!

An Iranian international student studying English at CESL at theUniversity of Arizona  was adamant that she did not want to live with dogs.  Yet, she liked the homestay family and the dogs were quite small so she decided to give it a try.  The family made sure the dog was ne ver in her room and she had full permission to tell the dogs to go away and not jump on her.  After two months, she takes the dogs for walks, feeds them and actually loves them!  She still doesn’t want them in her room and she doesn’t want them to sit on her but she learned that dogs can be respectful and she learned how loving and fun they are!  Welcome to America, the land of dogs!

If you get the right Homestay family, and we make sure you do, you can have an experience that makes you feel part of America and right at home in the University education system.  Let us get to know you today and find the right Education and Homestay for you!

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