Homestay Questions & Answers

Homestay Questions –  Student:

I don’t like hamburgers and most American food.  What if I don’t like the food?

America is a diverse cultural environment.  There really is no typical American food. Many Americans never eat a hamburger – some love them.  You will need to be open to trying some new things.  Some of the food you will like and some you will not.  As you get to know your family, you will both learn each other’s preferences.

How long do I have to apply?

It works best, and gives you the most flexibility, if you apply 30 to 45 days ahead but we will take your application 7 days ahead.

Will I have internet or a computer?

You should bring your own laptop.  Most families will have internet.

How do I terminate Homestay?

Please give thirty days notice to your homestay family that you will be moving.

How do I pay?

When you arrive at your Homestay, you will pay your host 4 weeks in advance.  You will pay every 4 weeks.

When will I know and recieve Homestay information?

You will receive confirmation of acceptance within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of your application.

Will I be able to cook in my homestay family’s kitchen?

Many American families will welcome the opportunity to try some of your home dishes and will certainly appreciate your cooking.  Talk it over with your family.

Will I be close to my school?

Not always.  Some bus trips can take up to an hour but many homestays are close enough to bike or walk.

Homestay Questions –  Family:

What do we need to do to become a USuccessAbroad -U.S.A. family?

You must provide a private room for the student, a desk and internet connection.  You must have continental breakfast foods for the student to prepare their own breakfast and dinner is provided for the students.  You must fill out our application and be approved.  You must be able to pass a substance and background check.

Are we responsible for medical care?

No.  All international students are required to purchase their own medical insurance.

Do we need to drive our student around?

Students take the bus, or ride their bikes.  You are not responsible for getting them to school.

Will we be paid?

You will be compensated for room and board very well.

What country will our student come from?

We have students from around the world.  We will match your application to our students needs as well as your familys’ needs

Is it OK to have pets?

Many students love to have pets in the house.  They will specify yes or no and we will match them accordingly.

Will USuccessAbroad help if we need support?

Yes, we will support you and your student.  You can call or email at any time.  If there is a cultural misunderstanding, our native speaking staff will assist*

* We can not provide language support in all languages but we do cover the most prevalent ones.

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