Host Family Plan for Homestay Success


You are in for an adventure and like all adventures there are certain things that can make it fun or not so fun.  A strong host family plan leads to success and a win-win. We know from experience that hosting can be so much fun, and it can change your life as well as the student’s. At an orientation (held once a month), we can help you with any issues that arise.  Also, we are always available by email or telephone. Below are our expectations and well as our experience for our valued HOMESTAY FAMILIES.

  1. Homestay fees vary depending on your location.  As part of your host family plan and agreement, you are to collect the fee prescribed for your area every 4 weeks and send a portion (again, on your agreement) to University Success Abroad at the address below, during the first week, in every 4 week period.
  2. Hands down, food, that way we nurture and comfort ourselves, can be the biggest issue you face and the solution is talking with your guest.  Just like Americans, young student-guests like some things and not others.  Remember when you first left home – everybody misses their favorite home meal but as time goes on, we adjust.  Your students will too.   As you get to know each other it is easy to work it out.  All is takes is cultural sensitivity and enjoying your guest’s preferences like you would your best friend.  You soon will be best friends if you approach this with humor and warmth.
  3. Students require a table or desk in their room as well as an internet connection in the home.
  4. Adequate lighting for homework is important and appreciated.
  5. You will not have to provide much else for your students but linens and towels are usually necessary although some students prefer to bring their own.  Have them ready just in case.
  6. You may have problems due to communication, cultural differences, and language challenges.  Don’t forget that we have many native speakers in most, if not all, languages.  We also have people on staff who have traveled in most of the countries that our guests come from and deep cultural understanding.  WE CAN HELP.  Please let us know how we can assist you.  We will keep in touch and ask that you do too.
  7. Rarely, there are students who just don’t work in your family, let us know.  We will help mediate and if necessary, find other accommodations.
  8. Please do not discuss politics in a disparaging way.  Your students love their country as much as you love yours. When you get to know them well, you will intuitively know how much you can discuss.  Like any social situation, if you don’t someone WELL, no politics and or religion is the best policy, and part of a good host family plan.
  9. Likewise, please do not discuss financial topics with students but rather ask them to call University Success Abroad with any questions.
  10. Please do have a lot of fun with our and  your student and please do contact us for any way we can be of help!

You will find that students vary in the amount of time they want to interact but most will respond very positively to warmth and inclusion.  If you do not have time to interact with a student at some point during the day, most days, please do not apply.  We believe that success comes from welcoming and including the student in a caring environment, two parents; children, no children, single parents – that is all not important – but interacting some with the student and making them feel part of the household -that’s the whole enchilada!!

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