An Iranian Falls In Love with America and a Puppy

By: Elmira, Iran

I was interested in living with a homestay family in Tucson Arizona while attending a master’s program at the University of Arizona.

An Iranian Falls In Love with America and a Puppy - puppy - University success abroad

Actually, I first needed to study at the Center for English As A Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona before passing my Toefl exam. I contacted two homestay abroad programs and really liked U Success Abroad. What I didn’t like, at first, was that my homestay family had a dog. I was told that but being from Iran, the idea of dogs in the house was unappealing, still I met the homestay family and the dog and decided to give it a try.

That was such a good decision. My homestay family turned out to be a woman who I now call grandma and a wonderful Japanese housemate (another international student staying in AZ home stay).

My home stay grandma helped me in so many ways:

  1. With my English
  2. With my confidence
  3. With my adjustment to the USA and with the culture
  4. Keeping me safe (giving me rides to night classes!)

The Japanese student and I really benefited from being in the same home stay abroad program. We have both graduated and she is back in Japan but we will be lifelong friends. I also met kids from 6 other countries in my home stay abroad program because we had parties from time to time. What a great experience! My home stay family even bought an Iranian cookbook and made me special dishes!

I came to love the dog. I never put him in my bed like some of the kids wanted to but I took him on walks and petted him for hours. All in all, a great experience in my homestay abroad program. – Elmira

elmira with two brothers

Elmira with two brothers! Making a bridge between America and Iran!!!!!


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