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Dallas, Texas Skyline

Texas Homestay Programs assist students studying at universities in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, such as Southern Methodist University, University of Texas Dallas, and University of Texas Arlington, succeed every day, year round.  The greater Dallas Arlington Ft. Worth Metro area is 4th largest metroplex in the country and is 14th on the list of world GDP.   One quarter of the population of Texas lives in the metroplex.  Dallas is a modern city with banking, telecommunications and healthcare being leading industries. It is a cosmopolitan culturally diverse city.

Our Company

Big Tex, Annual State Fair of Texas

Greater Dallas has quality educational opportunities to ensure the success of highly qualified international students.  University Success Abroad leads the way in providing first class full service, Texas homestay, and providing native speakers and translators. ”Our business is helping you succeed,” is our motto. While housing and tuition are  reasonable compared with other metro areas, few match the performing arts, fine arts, fine dining and recreational opportunities, including sports events of  Greater Dallas. From the annual State Fair to exciting night spots and entertainment, Dallas is a dynamic city. Our Texas Homestay programs as well as our One Community programs do their part to make your university experience a successful and profitable one. We have offices in  Dallas and staff available to assist you with all your needs.

We Invite You

Southern Methodist University

Rare snowstorm at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

We invite you to be part of this wonderful city and begin your educational adventure with us.  We, in partnership with all educational communities in the Dallas Metroplex, are a valued member of this community. Our staff knows the universities, the neighborhoods, the city and we speak your language.   We want to welcome you and assist you to get off to a strong start on your new venture and throughout you university career in the United States.

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