What to Bring


What to bring? Your homestay family will provide things like pillows, bedding and towels.  You will only need a few toilette items such as toothpaste, toothbrush,etc.  You will not need any kitchen items unless you want to bring some small grater, special cup, etc.  Your homestay family will have everything you will need except personal items.  Also, there are many places to buy personal things you might want such as shampoo, special soaps, etc. at a reasonable price.

You will need to check the climate in the area you are going to.  The best plan is to take “layers” of clothing:  shirts or blouses and sweaters, a light jacket.  There are many places where you can purchase clothing and most students do.  The southwest and the west are casual – jeans, shorts and T-shirts, tennis shoes and sandals will all be good.  You will probably purchase some university  shirts and caps. One dress up outfit is helpful for school events and business students need a nice pair of slacks, tailored shirt and nice shoes for business casual (boys and girls).  Since a lot of the southwest and west is quite sunny, you will need sunscreen and it is ready available.

Apartment or House

Many students love the American thrift store where you can buy household items at very low prices.  There really is no need to bring a lot of these things from your home country and you can usually pick up everything you need. Used and new furniture is available at reasonable prices and the venerable Yard Sale* is an American way of buying furniture and household items cheap.  Many, but not all,  apartments are furnished.

Likewise with sheets and bedding.  Light bedding doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase so if you want to bring it, that’s fine.  However, you will be able to find it reasonably priced.


If you would like to communicate with a Concierge by email , you are able to rent an apartment, before you arrive.  We will determine your custom  needs and take care of them before you ever leave your country.  University Success Abroad provides unique services to  Muslim students who require HALAL food and goods and we are invaluable resource to help you be comfortable in your new environment.  This is the most comfortable way to be a student and of course it is more expensive than just getting an apartment or house.  However, when you arrive, you will be picked up at the airport in a town car and taken to your apartment with your refrigerator stocked with your choices be they HALAL or special food items from your native country.  You also can choose to have concierge services (more limited than arrival services) the entire time you are in your university program.   Our Muslim students as well as many students from China, Korea and Japan to name a few, find this service to be invaluable as do all students who require first class personal attention and assistance.

*What is a Yard Sale?  Americans like to put things that they no longer need in their yard and sell them to passers-by.  You can get almost anything at a yard sale from clothes to furniture to a motorcycle!  Bargaining is expected and most yard sales are held on Friday and Saturday – you’ll see signs posted on corners with arrows pointing to the “Yard Sale.”

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